About Me

I am Prakash Samy, Came from Spiritual and Meditation Yoga family,  Motivational and Spiritual being who understands the purpose of life and doing research on Celibacy, Brahmacharya, Nofap past 23  years to over come all struggles in life,

Why Celibacy IN

Because of Current educational systems and wrong understanding about our own culture we lost too much important things in our life, most importantly The life of Brahmacharya,  Celibacy and nofap,  I am just an ordinary person, who is willing to give my knowledge and experiences for the needy people’s

Why i do this?

My Guru Thirumoolar & Shri Vethathiri Maharishi who is always living with my heart and soul, advised me in the past that I have purpose in life for this world, i keep on searching the PURPOSE, which is finally end up in this Spiritual and celibacy Journey, More details in Video’s vazhga valamudan






Years of Celibacy fighting


Years Of meditation