Day 11 of 48 Days Celibacy Nofap Challenge season 1 Yoga & Spiritual talks in Tamil

Day 11 of 48 Days Celibacy Nofap Challenge season 1 Yoga & Spiritual talks in Tamil

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Season 1 of the 48 Days Celibacy Nofap Challenge has recently seen its 11th day go by but with no signs of decreasing energy and enthusiasm from participants. Organized by Yoga & Spiritual Talks in Tamil (YSTT), this challenge was created to help participants break out of a habit of indulging in sexual fantasies and masturbation and so far, the feedback and the response all round have been quite positive.

YSTT believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy attitude towards natural physical cravings empowers people and helps them become better humans. They strongly believe that being able to have a healthy attitude towards sex and through the practice of celibacy, people can attain a higher level of peace. Through this challenge, YSTT has been striving to strengthen the willpower of confident individuals and help them become more conscious of their choices in life.

The focus of this challenge has been to help individuals cultivate awareness about their own strengths as well as points of weakness that lead them to indulge in emotional desolation. The initiative has seen people from different parts of the world come forward and become a part of this challenge, with strong commitment and self-determination. Promises that were made during the introduction with the group, have been kept so far and here’s hoping that the same shall continue in the coming days.

Through this challenge, Yoga & Spiritual Talks in Tamil are trying to empower people by making them understand the inner strengths of an individual. It is hoped that by the end of this challenge, the participants shall be much better in terms of their willpower and knowledge about the effects of indulgence. It would then be great to see that the lives of these individuals have changed for good.

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