Day 2 of 90 days Daily yoga Brahmacharya celibacy Meditation challenge in tamil Season 5 QA & Experiences

Day 2 of 90 days Daily yoga Brahmacharya celibacy Meditation challenge in tamil Season 5 QA & Experiences

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On the second day of the ‘90 days Daily Yoga Brahmacharya Celibacy Meditation Challenge’, the attendees were exposed to a range of new and seemingly difficult concepts. The participants, under the able guidance of the yogic experts, tried their best to absorb and understand the nuances of the new asanas, poses and the core concepts of Brahmacharya Celibacy.

The day began with the sending of affirmative vibes to all, and the yogic experts encouraged the participants to undertake the challenge to develop the mental and physical resilience, discipline and focus on the path to seeking the ultimate truth.

By infusing meditation and positive attitude building, the yogic gurus sought to uplift and equip the participants for the complex journey in coping with the complexities of contemporary life.

The 90-day journey is offered in Tamil Language and has been organized in the form of Q&A sessions to address the specifics of the Celibacy concept, its spiritual implications, its effects on physical wellbeing, the importance of discipline, diets, hygienic practices etc. In addition, the gurus shared a holistic approach towards holistic living to bring out the best in the lives of the participants.

The participants eagerly asked a range of questions to which orthodox answers were provided. The main learning of the day was that of celibacy and its effects on human life. The teachings were based on the ancient Indian wisdom and written in detail in scriptures like the Upanishads.

The ‘90 Days Daily Yoga Brahmacharya Celibacy Meditation Challenge’ has given an enormous confidence to the participants to practice and learn to live a disciplined life. The idea of celibacy has been defined in terms of channelling inwards to understand the truths of life and by fully developing the mental and physical power of oneself.

The journey is sure to have a positive impact on the life of the participants as it promises that the journey of learning to live with discipline and self-restraint will lead to physical, mental and spiritual progress. It is an opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive environment and emerge as confident individuals.

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