Day 31 of 90 Days Celibacy Brahmacharya Challenge season 2 Yoga & Spiritual talks in Tamil

Day 31 of 90 Days Celibacy Brahmacharya Challenge season 2 Yoga & Spiritual talks in Tamil

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The 90 days of Brahmacharya challenge season 2 is a unique challenge among the yogi aspirants to observe a period of celibacy. This period has various spiritual and physical benefits for the mind and body. The challenge started on April 1st and is soon about to complete its 31st day.

Through this challenge, practitioners are training their minds to embrace the principles of abstaining from desire and transcending the limitations of physical pleasure. Furthermore, they are reconnecting to their higher self by seeking refuge in spiritual pursuits.

To mark the completion of 31 days of Brahmacharya, special Yoga and spiritual talks have been scheduled in Tamil. The talks will be focusing on various aspects of spiritual awakening and ascension to a higher level of consciousness. This is expected to help the participants to further deepen their practice of celibacy.

By attending these orientations, practitioners will be encouraged to explore their inner selves in order to achieve knowledge of body, mind and soul. Discourses based on benefits of celibacy, renunciation, penance and non- attachment will be held.

Practicing Brahmacharya is an integral part of Yoga and no student is complete without this practice. This challenge will help those participating to get closer to union with God and recognize their true self.

At the conclusion of the challenge, all the participants will be given a certificate of completion in affirmance of their commitment and dedication towards the practice.

The talks are open for anyone to attend and explore the truth of life through Yoga and meditation. So if you too wish to join, enrol yourself now and be ready embark this thrilling journey of celibacy.

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