Day 4 of 90 days Daily yoga Brahmacharya celibacy Meditation challenge in tamil Season 5 QA & Experiences

Day 4 of 90 days Daily yoga Brahmacharya celibacy Meditation challenge in tamil Season 5 QA & Experiences

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On this day, the fourth day of the 90 Day Daily Yoga Brahmacharya Celibacy Meditation Challenge in Tamil, Season 5 QA & Experiences was launched with great enthusiasm and a desire to bring deeper understanding and insight of Yoga, Brahmacharya and Celibacy in South India.

The five-season campaign is designed to bring knowledge and awakening of the ancient spiritual journey of enlightenment through the practice of Yoga, Brahmacharya and Celibacy to the people of Tamil Nadu and other parts of South India. The event organizers also shared daily yoga exercises, book-reading sessions, meditation sessions, private consultation and more, beneficial to anyone, regardless of age, gender or experience in the Yogic path.

By completing this four-week program, yogis from across the region are now looking forward to the spiritual and mental awakening the challenge will bring. This includes living life according to the spiritual, moral and ethical principles of Yoga, Brahmacharya and Celibacy, Aligned with the five principles of Hinduism: Dharma, Karma, Sa?s?ra, Moksha and Ahimsa.

Throughout the four weeks of the challenge, participants were provided with an array of interesting activities from A to Z, intended to bring greater understanding and comprehension of Yogic principles. A few popular activities amongst the group were: the daily chanting of mantras and yoga poses; the talks and discussions on how to integrate these values into their daily life; the Q/A session provided for clarification and understanding; the lecturers and panel discussions wide-ranging topics; and the workshop conducted by renowned Yoga Master Ajjay K. from Prakasananda Ashram.

The four weeks of educational and spiritual exploration have delivered valuable insights and cultivated a deep understanding of the philosophy and practices of Yoga. Many participants express positive emotions about this journey of learning, personal growth and spiritual realization.

This challenge has been nothing short of a success and has let us all gain deeper understanding into Yoga, Brahmacharya and Celibacy. We look forward to more sessions in the upcoming season and wish all participants well, in their quest to discover their inner beauty and truth.

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