Day 6 of 90 days Daily yoga Brahmacharya celibacy Meditation challenge in tamil Season 5 QA & Experiences

Day 6 of 90 days Daily yoga Brahmacharya celibacy Meditation challenge in tamil Season 5 QA & Experiences

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Today marks Day 6 of the 90 Days Daily Yoga Brahmacharya Celibacy Meditation challenge in Tamil Season 5 QA & Experiences. Those who have bravely taken on this challenge are thriving and uplifting their lives in all aspects.

This extraordinary movement of global peace has been inspiring people all over the world to listen more deeply, to appreciate more consciously and to set their foundations in self-love and self-mastery.

For six days now, the challenge has been offering science, wisdom and a commitment to the practice of Yoga and meditation, all focused on utilizing the power that lies within. By unifying body, mind and spirit, it is teaching participants on how to best connect to their highest selves and utilize those newfound skills in the world.

There have been daily tasks to keep the practice authentically in check, such as, but not limited to: Learning Sanskrit mantras, perfecting asanas, reflecting on nature and strengthening conscious daily habits.

Today’s panelists are experts on the ancient practice of celibacy, with years of personal experience in the art. In today’s session, they will be covering the topic of how to stay true to oneself with a cultivated strong practice of Yoga and meditation, as well as discussing the importance of Brahmacharya Celibacy as a tool for a lifetime of achievement.

We love and welcome you to join us for this amazing journey of transformation and personal growth. Namaste.

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