Unlocking the Path to Inner Peace and Clarity: A Journey to Self-Discovery


Vazhagavalamudan, greetings to all the celibate and brahmachari relatives, as well as to all Tamil-speaking individuals. Dear brothers and sisters, let’s delve into a question from a 19-year-old brother seeking guidance in matters of the heart.

Navigating Love and Change

Our young brother shares a heartfelt dilemma about a past love, which has transformed into a more mature longing. Living as neighbors, encountering her triggers a mix of emotions, leaving him tired and anxious. He expresses a desire for a more manly approach to his feelings.

 A Wise Response

Prakash brother responds with wisdom, acknowledging the complexity of emotions at this age. He advises the young man to focus on self-development during this crucial time. Stressing the importance of staying on an upward path, he cautions against descending into animalistic qualities and encourages a more spiritual direction.

The Power of Perception

Addressing the fear associated with seeing or hearing her, Prakash brother delves into the power of perception. By changing one’s perspective and viewing women not as messengers of death but as conduits of love, clarity can be achieved. He suggests a deeper understanding of love and lust.

Embracing Brahmacharya

Emphasizing the period of Brahmacharita education, Prakash brother urges the young man to concentrate on self-improvement, job opportunities, and personal growth. The message is clear: this age is a peak time for personal development, and the focus should be on uplifting oneself rather than succumbing to negative influences.

The Importance of Inner Practices

Prakash brother introduces the concept of auto-transmutation and recommends practices like space meditation and Brahmacharya Vindhu Jayam to harness one’s energy positively. He encourages the young man to step into a healer’s mode at the age of 19, seizing the opportunity for inner transformation.

Overcoming Fatigue and Self-Discovery

Touching on the young man’s reported fatigue, Prakash brother suggests looking into various aspects of life, including diet, physical condition, and daily routine. By incorporating exercises, yoga, and focusing on the inner self, he guides the young man towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Unveiling the Inner World

Prakash brother passionately discusses the importance of understanding oneself, using metaphors of Lord Shiva and the inner self. He encourages a shift in perspective from the external world to the internal, urging the young man to explore his inner world and conduct experiments to gain self-realization.

 Embracing Change

In concluding remarks, Prakash brother acknowledges the changing times and the need for a shift in mindset. He instills confidence in the young man, assuring him that with determination, he can confidently face the challenges ahead. The audience is invited to share their questions and doubts for future discussions.

 Closing Thoughts

As the Mahashivaratri events approach, the audience is reminded to fill out the forms for direct participation. The video concludes with gratitude for watching and an encouragement to keep on the journey of self-discovery.

Vazhagavalamudan. Thanks for watching!


In this Video Discuss About

  • A 19-year-old male is struggling with feelings for a girl and is seeking advice
  • He is advised to focus on his education and career rather than pursuing a romantic relationship
  • The importance of self-discipline and self-improvement is emphasized
  • The individual is encouraged to practice meditation and yoga to improve physical and mental well-being
  • The importance of focusing on inner self and avoiding distractions is highlighted
  • The individual is urged to avoid romantic distractions and focus on personal growth and development

You have time, this year and this time you have to stay in brahmacharita education, job opportunities, if you have all these things in mind, your future will be good this age is a peak age, your direction should be in bringing up the order, not in going down in the style boards, not in the animal qualities, understand? The direction of the arrow should be upward, not downward. It should not get stuck in the animalistic nature of the arrow. I am telling this specially for you. I am telling this for you, as you are only 19 years old.

00:01:16 – 00:01:43

If you start thinking that a woman is a messenger sent by Yaman, If you feel like Yaman is coming, If you feel like Yama is coming, If you feel like you are hearing Yama’s voice, That love will go, Love itself is lust, You will get clarity.

00:01:43 – 00:02:15

You are the 1 who is doing all the work you are the 1 who is getting into yourself your karma is pushing you so you can try to do some space meditation do some brahmacharya vindhu jayam practice You can be in healer’s mode at the age of 19. You can do the final stage. Because this is an opportunity. Only if you do the auto-transmutation well, your body and mind will be good.

00:02:15 – 00:02:45

We are going in a certain direction our order is going and that is changing and that is what we are seeing what you are seeing and hearing is you What is there to be lost in that? You are seeing the female voice and you are seeing the external things. Understand the truth and not only understand it, but also do experiments in a way that it is revealed to you. You are looking at the outer world and not at the inner world. Without understanding this, you should start doing the research in a way that you can understand it.

00:04:33 – 00:04:57

At the age of 19, you should try to avoid these things. In those days, when men were sent to study, they used to send them to the forest. In the past, there was no education system in the environment. Now, everything is changing. You cannot go back to the old ways. You have to change your mindset. You know everything. You know everything about the things you don’t know.

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